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Sun., Aug 25, 2019
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Logins And Passwords

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What is my password?

Your password is initially set to zZ first 4 digits of your PPS followed by the day and month of your Date of Birth. For example if my PPS is 123456A and my date of birth is the 1st of February 1990 then my password is set to zZ12340102 .

Can I reset my password?

Yes you can reset your password at any time by logging onto a college PC and press ctrl, alt and delete then click on the change a password link. Here you will be asked to enter your old password, put in a new password and confirm that new password.

Is there a minimum restriction on the type of password I can set?

Yes all password must meet the minimum complexity requirement which is the password must be at least 6 characters long, contain at least one of the following three a number, an upper case letter and a lower case letter.
1234 not allowed does not contain an upper or lower case letter not 6 characters
Spaghetti not allowed does not contain a number
Spaghetti12 allowed meets minimum requirement.

Can I reset my password from outside the college?

No you must visit the college we do not allow password to be reset externally

Can I have my password reset over the phone or via email?

St Angela’s college staff will only reset your password to the default one (i.e. zZ PPS DOB combination). We will not give details of this password over the phone or via email for security reasons. Please do not email details of your password to the college.

My password won’t work to access NUIG library?

Your password to access NUIG library (online books, journals etc.) may be different to your St Angela’s ICT account. Details of NUIG library access and activating your NUIG student account may be found in the library course section on the college eLearning site (

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