There is an ongoing outbreak of a novel Coronavirus COVID-19 that is now widespread globally. The HSE is monitoring the situation and updating the websites and regularly.

The College is continuing to monitor the situation and plan for any interruptions to College services. Our advice is updated based on the latest information from the Health Service Executive and Department of Foreign Affairs. A sub-group of the College Management Team is meeting regularly to assess our community’s needs and to provide up-to-date information and advice to ensure minimal impact to our students and staff.

Current students and staff are asked to check their College emails regularly for updates.

For helpful advice and measures, visit the HSE website

FAQ's about COVID-19 and attending College

What teaching will take place on campus?

Semester 1
Due to Level 5 measures in the National Framework for Living with COVID-19 being applied nationally, only lab-based and practical tuition may take place on campus. All other teaching is online for the remainder of Semester 1. Staff on your course have updated your timetable in light of these changes.

Semester 2 (commencing January 2021 as per your programme calendar)
The following arrangements will be in place for Semester 2:

Undergraduate students on BNSc (General & ID); BA (Home Economics); BA/PME Years 1-4; B.Applied

Hybrid Approach. Students must be available to attend the campus for ‘face to face’ teaching and we will also continue to engage in emergency remote teaching as per the scheduled programme timetable. We are making every effort now to plan Semester 2 timetable as efficiently as possible so that we can block sessions together to minimise student time/days on campus.  

  • The face to face teaching onsite will be only for practical classes/labs in Home Economics; Science; Nursing Mandatory Skills (and preparation for practice sessions) and Nursing Clinical Skills; Microteaching; Computer labs will proceed in small groups on campus with smaller groups to facilitate physical distancing and with appropriate PPE being utilised.
  • All theory based teaching will be delivered virtually as emergency remote teaching and will be either synchronously (live) or asynchronously (pre-recorded) as directed by the Lecturer.
  • Students on clinical placement must continue to attend.
  • Students on school placement must continue to attend.
  • Students must be available to attend the timetabled practical classes/labs on campus which we are hoping to block together as efficiently as possible for students.  
Postgraduate Students including the PME (Home Economics)

Emergency Remote Teaching: This will mean that there will be no required attendance on campus for students at this time. All timetabled classes during Semester 2 will be remotely delivered either synchronously (live) or asynchronously (pre-recorded). A timetable will be scheduled and will operate during this time. Further details on this will be distributed in due course to students.

School Placement (PME Students) – will continue as planned.

Students on MSc Health Care Management (International) may be scheduled for on-campus tutorials to support their learning if required. This will be communicated to you by your Course Coordinator.

Students on the PgDip in Community Mental Health will be required to attend for practical assessment as scheduled by Course Coordinator.

What will be the campus facilities available?

In relation to the campus, as advised by the HEA it is anticipated the following will remain:

  • The library remains open on a booking system
  • Essential services will remain open on the campus and accessible to students.
  • A physically distanced study room will be set up where students can listen to lectures or upload assignments etc. while on campus. This will operate through a booking system.

All decisions taken by the College are guided by our first priority, which is, protecting the health and wellbeing of our students and staff. At all times we will be guided by public health officials and advice from the Government.

Can I avail of the Academic Writing Centre's or Learning Support services during the level 5 restrictions?

The Academic Writing Centres Services remain available to student during level 5 restrictions. More information on the supports available from this service is available HERE

Disability and Learning Support Services are also available remotely - see information HERE 

Can I contact the Disability Service during the level 5 restrictions?

The Disability Service remains open during the level 5 restrictions.  Please contact Vivienne Ryan the Disability Officer for support or advice at

Further information is available HERE

Where are the Student Milling Areas?

Student Milling Areas are:

  • College Auditorium
  • BM 102/103 (Brí Mhuire Building)
  • Lecture Room 3 (Áras Michael Building)

Where can I take my online classes if I’m on campus?

All Student Milling Areas have Wifi signals. Additionally, restricted access to College PCs is available in Computer Lab 1, Áras Michael

How can I get help from the Registration Department?

All queries relating to registration should be addressed to

You can access the Registration link HERE

Where can I view my timetable?

Course timetables are available to view HERE

What common areas are open on campus?

St. Angela’s College remains fully open for business howeverstudents are requested to limit the time they spend on Campus and should leave as soon as possible after their practical session is completed.

Soup, homemade brown bread, a hot dish and a selection of sandwiches and wraps are available for takeaway (Grab and Go) from the College Canteen. Limited seating is available in the Canteen Area.

Milling Areas

  • College Auditorium
  • BM 102/103 (Brí Mhuire Building)
  • Lecture Room 3 (Áras Michael Building)

These areas should be used for eating, as a waiting area in between practical sessions or whilst awaiting the arrival of transportation. Students are requested to limit the time they spend on Campus and should leave as soon as possible after their practical session is completed.

Student Union
Ten students at a time can congregate in the student’s union area. Please sit in the designated seating only.

The McKeown Library and Academic Writing Centre requires a booking system if you intend to visit. Bookings (including booking a PC) can be made HERE

What if I am anxious about mixing with people during the period when I must attend?

Students who are anxious about the return to campus may be experiencing anxiety, particularly as the on-campus sessions draw closer. Please be assured that every effort has been made to make the College campus as safe as possible for students and staff. It is all our priority to keep our college community and extended families safe and well at this time. Student Services and the College Counsellor can support you to manage your anxiety. Students who are experiencing short-term anxiety related to COVID-19 cannot be facilitated through an adapted programme provision.

What if I have been designated in the HSE defined very-high or high-risk categories?

You can check your status on the HSE website

If you identify that you fall within the very high-risk category you are advised:

  • to seek confirmation from your medical team that you fit within this category. According to government protocols, you must provide medical evidence of a very-high condition. You need to advise the college that you fall into this category and provide this medical evidence to your relevant Head/Heads of Department.
  • each individual case will be reviewed and assessed in terms of potential adaptions to your course. It will be possible that you can complete some aspects of your course online, for example theoretical modules and aspects of some practical work. For some students / modules, it may not be possible to study online as some aspects such as labs, practical elements, group work, placements and professional requirements will require face-to-face on campus attendance. In these cases, students can discuss alternatives such as deferrals, partial deferrals, carrying modules with the respective Head/Heads of Department.

If you identify that you fall within the high-risk category you are advised:

  • To follow HSE advice, that is, to take extra care with social distancing, hand hygiene, respiratory hygiene, limiting social interactions to a small network and staying at home when possible.

Useful websites:

What if I am worried about a vulnerable member of my household but I am well myself?

This is a very understandable worry at this time. All of us have to do our part in following public health guidance and encouraging those around us to do the same to keep everyone safe. For some, this may mean that you decide to take extra precautions on campus such as not eating with your peers, travelling alone, or always wearing a mask in shared spaces. If you feel that these additional precautions do not adequately address your personal circumstances and concerns, you may decide that you need to defer modules which require on-site attendance at this time. This will have to be a personal choice and deferrals requests in these circumstances will be looked upon favourably.  However, in some cases, depending on the modules, deferrals may impact on your progression to the next stage/year of your programme.

What if I can’t travel to a lab due to a close contact, can’t travel etc.? 

We must all make our health and wellbeing a priority at this time. Students may find that they cannot attend classes for short periods due to a range of reasons - they have COVID-19 symptoms, they are scheduled for a COVID-19 test, they are awaiting test results, they are restricting their movements, etc.

If that is the case and you will miss a small number of teaching sessions, please let your Programme Co-ordinator know of your absence by emailing them and stay up-to-date on online lectures and notes on Moodle. Your module leader will work with you to find a way of making up for the work you missed in the lab session.

Beyond the classroom, will there be opportunities throughout the semester for limited, safe, in-person student-teacher interactions?

In general, students are finding that the move to online lectures and tutorials is resulting in more interaction between students and lecturers than might normally happen on campus so hopefully you are already getting plenty of opportunities to interact with your lecturers online. Unfortunately, due to public health restrictions, we are unable to schedule tutorials or the normal lecturer office hours on campus this semester but all of these activities – small group teaching, tutorials, access to academic staff – will take place online throughout the semester. 

How do I get form stamped/singed by the College? For example, Child Benefit Forms.

The College Registration Department can stamp and complete a range of forms electronically, including:

  • Medical Card Application
  • Jobseeker’s Allowance
  • Jobseeker’s Benefit
  • Back to Education Allowance
  • Disability Allowance
  • Carer’s Allowance
  • Child Benefit
  • Pension-related
  • Family Income Supplement

Please send your request to;