The resources below were created through CÚRAM’s Teachers in Residence programme. During the programme, teachers work with CÚRAM's researchers to learn about medical devices research and its impact on the world. These resources have been adapted for easy use in a home school setting. 

1) How to Mend a Broken Heart
Learn about basic heart anatomy, how a heart attack occurs due to the blockage of a coronary artery, and how to keep your heart healthy. You can also make a large diagram of the heart which is used to play “Heart Twister”.

Heart Video     Heart Lesson Plan     Heart Presentation     Heart Rate Logic Puzzle     

2) Mending the Musculoskeletal System
Learn about bones, muscles and tendons, and how doctors treat damage to these tissues. You can also build a model hand and act as a surgeon to fix a tendon using "biomaterials".

Musculoskeletal Video     Musculoskeletal Lesson Plan     Musculoskeletal Presentation     Bone Logic Puzzle

3) Fixing the Brain
Learn how neurons send and receive messages, and the causes of Parkinson’s disease. You can also design a medical device to treat Parkinson’s disease and test it on jelly “brains”. (Don't eat the jelly "brains"!) This lesson is a bit more advanced.

Brain Video     Brain Lesson Plan     Brain Presentation     Brain Logic Puzzle 

4) All About Stem Cells
Learn how stem cells are like Pokémon and how they are used to heal the body. You can also play our STEMinator card game to learn all about different kinds of stem cells that are in your body. This lesson is a bit more advanced.

Stem Cells Video   Stem Cells Lesson Plan     Stem Cells Presentation     STEMinator Cards  

To find out more about participating in our programme or our resources contact Dr. Sarah Gundy at sarah.gundy@nuigalway.ie

Other lesson Plan Kits developed from previous year's teachers can be downloaded by clicking the links on the side tabs. Select Science-Primary School Resources for primary science lesson plan kits. Select Science-Secondary School Resources for secondary science lesson plan kits. Select PE-Secondary School Resources 'Strength in Science' for secondary PE lesson plan kits.