Head of Geography    Dr John McDonagh         
Geography Administrator Ms Christina Costello
Senior Technician/Cartographer               Dr Siubhán Comer
1 BA Programme Coordinator Dr John McDonagh   
1 BA Geography in Practice Coordinator Dr Valerie Ledwith
2 BA Programme Coordinator Dr Chaosheng Zhang
3 & 4 BA Programme Coordinator Dr Marie Mahon
Irish Tutor Aoife Ní Fhlatharta 
Director of MA Environment, Society & Development .   Dr John Morrissey                    
Director of MSc Coastal & Marine Environments Dr Eugene Farrell
Coordinator of MSc Coastal & Marine Environments Dr Liam Carr
Director of Rural Futures Planning and Innovation    Dr Marie Mahon
Coordinator of Rural Futures Planning and Innovation 
Dr Therese Conway
Director of Graduate Studies Dr Gordon Bromley
BA International / Visiting Students / Erasmus Prof Ulf Strohmayer          
Staff-Student Liaison Officer Dr Siubhán Comer
Plagiarism Matters Dr Kevin Lynch
Safety Officer Dr Siubhán Comer