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Tue., Aug 4, 2020
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Is there a wireless network in the college?

Yes all buildings are covered by our wifi network, currently outside areas are not covered. We have two main wifi networks

  1. Eduroam - for all third level staff and students (including visitors)
  2. Voucher - for all visitors to the college that don’t have an eduroam account

How do I logon to the wireless network?

If you are coming from another third level college(which is eduroam enabled) then you should connect to the eduroam network. If you are coming from a non eduroam enabled college or organisation then you will need to connect to the Voucher-Wifi network (in order to logon to this wireless network you will need a voucher from reception)

What username and password do I use to logon to the wireless network?

If you are logging onto the eduroam network please see this link. We strongly recommend that users wishing to use the eduroam wireless network access the internet using their device and download any updates or certificates required on their home campus network before logging onto St Angelas College eduroam network. You should be able to log on using your full email address as the username and your standard password.
For the voucher-wifi network the username and password are provided in the voucher that you get from reception.

What devices can I use?

You can use any device that is wifi enabled.

What if my device won’t connect to the wireless network?

Currently St Angela’s College ICT services do not provide support for non college owned equipment. However you can report the problem to ICT services and we will examine if there is a problem with our equipment.

Can I print using the wireless network?

Yes, you can connect your personal device to the wifi network and providing you have credit on your printing account you can print. Please see wireless printing access link.

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