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Fri., Jul 3, 2020
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Apply now through the CAO for our Bachelor of Arts in Home Economics

Apply now through the CAO for our Bachelor of Arts in Home Economics

Apply now through the CAO for our Bachelor of Arts in Home Economics
St. Angela’s College has an international reputation and an established record of excellence in Home Economics education. The role of a Home Economist in communities is very much established in other European and International countries. This level 8, four year degree (which is not an initial teacher education qualification) fulfils the gap that is currently demanded and required within Irish society. It is designed to attract applicants who are passionate about Home Economics and aspire to be Home Economists advocating for sustainable health and wellbeing of individuals, families and communities.

What will you study?

Over the course of the four years, you will study a wide variety of modules with both a practical and theoretical focus.  The variety of modules ensures the development of a wide range of skills which will equip you to meet societal needs and demands.

Stage 4 of the programme allows you to specialize within a specific area of Home Economics i.e. Food or Textiles, Fashion, Design or Family Resource Management. This year will also allow you to investigate and research an area of interest.

Careers after graduation

As a St. Angela’s graduate, you will be well placed for a future career working in various settings, home or abroad. There are opportunities for graduates to be employed by national or international governmental or non-governmental agencies focusing on family and child wellbeing; consumer advocacy; and health promotion. Graduates will have capacity to work with both private and State organisations as food advisors, or community Home Economists. There is also potential to take a commercial pathway and enter into the private business sector in the areas of food, textiles and fashion and interior entrepreneurship. Should a student wish to pursue a career in education, this pathway will be available to graduates of this Programme after they have completed their Degree.
Postgraduate programmes (Masters and Doctoral level) can be pursued in the areas of Education; Home Economics; Health Promotion; Food and Nutrition; Health Coaching and Wellbeing; Child Development; Youth and Family Studies; Textiles and Fashion.
Stage three placement
In stage three of the programme students will have the option to either study abroad for five months with one of our partner Universities or to complete a five month work placement in Ireland. The main purpose of the work experience will be the preparation of the student as a competent Home Economist working in a communities, with families, for society…

Frequently asked questions

  • Am I a Home Ec teacher after this course?
    The 4 years alone will not make you a Home Ec teacher but it is a route to allow you to progress onto Home Economics teacher education after your complete your Degree.
  • Where can I do the PME?
    Students who complete the BAHE will get automatic acceptance onto the PME (level 9) accredited NUI Galway. The PME takes 2 years to complete.
  • Who is this course for?
    This course is for anyone who has a passion and love for Home Economics and wants to advocate for sustainable health and wellbeing of individuals, families and communities. It is also for students who enjoy practical skills.
  • I’m not good at Textiles and I am worried that I will struggle with this.
    For anyone who is worried about their level of skills in Food and/or Textiles- you should not allow this to be a barrier. We will develop these skills as you progress through the programme. We always hear students say that they are not creative. We all have the ability to be creative, we just need someone to bring it out of us. Let that part to us!
  • Can I register with the Teaching Council, even though I will only have one subject?
    Yes you can and please see
  • Why can I only find one year of CAO points?
    This academic year 2019/2020 was our first intake of students. CAO points for this year’s entry (2019) was 390.
  • Why a BA in Home Economics?
    • So many reasons, here are just three;
    • Be part of a dynamic, fun and interesting programme which is supported by lecturers with expertise and excellence in the field of Home Economics
    • Our campus is home away from home. We have a genuine care for all our students.
    • Do something you love and share it with likeminded people that have that same energy, ambition and passion for Home Economics as you do.

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