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eduroam - eduroam


What is the service?

eduroam is a service that allows roaming research and educational users to more easily obtain wireless network access at participating sites. When attaching to the eduroam wireless network at the visited site users will be prompted to authenticate and should provide the credentials that they use at their home site. The user is then authenticated against an authentication server at their home site, and if authentication succeeds the user is granted wireless network access.
Further information on eduroam is available from the national eduroam site for Ireland, which identifies eduroam sites in Ireland, and from the central eduroam service website, which identifies eduroam sites worldwide.
See for more information on member sites.

Who can use the service?

St. Angela’s College is a full eduroam participant offering both:

  • A service for St. Angela’s staff/students wishing to use eduroam in other eduroam enabled institutions
  • A service to visitors to St. Angela’s from other eduroam enabled institutions who wish to connect to the St. Angela’s wireless network.

Prerequisites required for the service

Visitors to St. Angela’s
Visitors must have their wireless clients configured to use WPA2 with AES encryption and have tested their authentication before arriving onsite. The ICT Help Desk does not provide support for visitors client configuration and visitors must contact their home institution for support.

St. Angela’s Staff/Students
The configuration has been tested and is supported on

Windows 10
Windows 8
Windows 7
iphone and ipad
Window XP is no longer supported

Wireless network details
The following are the details that you may need in order to verify compatibility of your wireless device, and to configure your wireless client to avail of the eduroam service on our campus:

Wireless network name (SSID): eduroam
Encryption levels supported:

  • AES (some wireless clients list this as an option under "WPA2" or "WPA2 Enterprise")
  • TKIP (some wireless clients list this as an option under "WPA" or "WPA Enterprise")

Authentication details:
In addition to knowing your credentials, you may also need to explicitly configure your wireless client to allow your credentials to be conveyed securely to your home site. If any such configuration is needed, the relevant details are provided by your home site.

For St. Angela’s College Users only
To access eduroam you must enter your full domain name with your user ID
eg. or

Click Here to download the following document to allow windows connect automatically to eduroam.

Click Here to download the following document to manually configure eduroam.

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