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Thu., Jun 4, 2020
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Centre For Special Educational Needs Inclusion and Diversity - Number Talk

Number Talk is a recently published mathematics resource, authored by Ann Marie Casserly, Pamela Moffett and Bairbre Tiernan. Ann Marie and Bairbre are researchers/lecturers in the Centre for SEN, inclusion and Diversity. The resource aims to support teachers in their planning and teaching of early number. It focuses on how teachers may promote oral language and communication when developing early number and provides examples of how the specialised vocabulary of number can be introduced and reinforced through a range of engaging and interactive activities. Number Talk facilitates many opportunities to engage children in meaningful discussions about number, explain their thinking, and communicate their understanding. The resource includes a variety of teaching and learning strategies to support and enhance the development of key mathematical vocabulary. An example of one of the pages is included below.

Number Talk can play a significant role in promoting understanding and use of early number language and has a strong research foundation. Number Talk facilitates the teacher to guide children’s participation in a range of meaningful mathematical experiences so that they can become more skilled in understanding and using number. The creation of a learning environment that encourages children to freely explore numbers, operations, and their relationships in meaningful contexts is highlighted in the resource. The resource is an excellent tool which will be particularly useful in the implementation of the new Primary Mathematics Curriculum.
Number Talk is available from CSENID, St Angela’s College, Sligo at a cost of 25 per book plus postage.

To purchase one or more books please contact Payment will be due in advance.

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