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Tue., Aug 4, 2020
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Postgraduate Certificate/Diploma in Applied Health and Wellness Coaching (Level 9, NFQ)
Course Code: INT59



This programme has NMBI Category 2 approval and therefore allows applicants to apply for funding through the CNME.

The programme is accredited by:

The College of Medicine, Nursing & Health Sciences - NUI Galway. 


Entry Requirements:

An Undergraduate Degree with Second Class Honours or above.

In certain circumstances we will consider applications from candidates who do not meet the above requirements provided they have a professional qualification in a relevant subject area and/or have relevant coaching experience.


Late applications can be considered. 



Students can undertake the programme over two to five years on a part-time basis. Students can take up to 6 modules.  In total the programme is worth 60 ECTS.


The programme is delivered via weekly live sessions (held on Wednesdays, 15:00 to 17:00 during term time) and onsite workshops on the following dates: 14th October 2020; 18th November 2020; 20th January 2021; 24th February 2021; and 24th March 2021.  Attendance is required at these workshops and also at the induction day on 9th September 2020. 

How long will it take?
This programme will afford the student the opportunity to choose an individualised tailored study programme by choosing any of the following options:

  • Undertake the first three modules to receive a Postgraduate Certificate in Health and Wellness Coaching
  • Undertake the full six modules to receive the Postgraduate Diploma in Health and Wellness Coaching


Fees (euro):

€700 per module

€2,100 Postgraduate Certificate

€4,200 Full Postgraduate Diploma

Application Process:

Please download Application Form from the Downloads and Other Information tab,
or contact: 

Postgraduate Administrator
Department Of Nursing, Health Sciences and Disability Studies
St. Angela's College, Lough Gill, Sligo
P: 353 (0)7191 35675

Next Intake:

September 2020

Programme Overview

Why was the Postgraduate Certificate/Diploma in Applied Health and Wellness Coaching programme developed?
Despite the widespread evidence-based knowledge that physical activity and healthy eating are good for your health, individuals are not getting any healthier.  This programme will provide professionals with the tools to complement their knowledge base and enable them to facilitate their clients to achieve their health goals.

What is Health and Wellness Coaching?
Health coaching draws on a number of underpinning theories including Motivational Interviewing, the Transtheoretical Stages of Change Model and Appreciative Inquiry. The aim of health and wellness coaching is to help the individual to choose the behaviour they want to change and support them through goal setting and ongoing goal review and support.

Who is it aimed at?
Healthcare Professionals - Nurses, Midwives, Mental Health Practitioners, Health Promotion Practitioners, GPs, Practice Nurses, Dieticians, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Pharmacists, Teachers,Personal Trainers, Nutritionists, Health and Fitness Coaches, Sports Coaches, Community and Social Care Workers, Career Guidance Teachers, College Counsellors.

What will it qualify a person to do?
The skills to coach people on their health behaviour as part of their current role or to develop a role as a health and wellness coach in private practice.

Who will be delivering it?
A core team of lecturers who have conducted PhD study in the field of coaching and health promotion.  They are also RGNs and certified Health and Wellness Coaches.

Will I be expected to attend college in Sligo?
You will study independently from home, supported by evening on-line lectures  (3-5pm) and assignments.  You will also attend workshops for selected modules.

What kind of technical facilities will I need at home?
A good quality broadband connection with low latency.  It should at a very minimum be greater than 56kbps.


Our Current Postgraduate Diploma Applied Health and Wellness coaching students were asked recently how their developing coaching skills are contributing to their work throughout the HSE:


One student works at a National Level on the National Clinical Programme for Diabetes, where they are advocating for a Prevention Programme for Diabetes. The proposed model drafted for this programme will be run by health coaches, as it is now recognised that health coaches play a major role in helping patients make real change in achieving their healthcare goals. This student explained:


  • “My new acquired coaching skills help me to support patients by providing information, teaching disease-specific skills, promoting healthy behaviours, imparting problem-solving skills, assisting with the emotional impact of chronic illness, and encouraging people to be active participants in their care. “


  • “Using health coaching in my current role will help me to facilitate patients to gain confidence, tools and skills to become an active partner in their care so they can reach their self-identified health goals.”

Another student who works with patients with diabetes has found the following since starting the programme:

  • “Practice nurses and GP’s with whom I work, have noticed a positive change in diabetes clients and continually ask me how and what I have done to support the clients’ behaviour change and improvement in diabetes. “


  • “With health and wellness coaching, the client can genuinely make significant lifestyle and life-long behavioural change. These are the factors that need to be sustained to prevent and treat obesity and diabetes related co-morbidities. “

Another student who works in Mental Health services states:

  • “The skills I have acquired through my health and wellness coach training (e.g. mindfulness, nutritional knowledge, motivational interviewing etc.) have allowed me to transform my own practice in a much more client driven and holistic way. The results of this approach have been extraordinary in many ways, with several of my clients responding extremely well, making real and positive changes in their lives.  I have learned to let go of my limited expectations of people encountering mental health difficulties and to widen my scope of what is possible in terms of outcome.”


  • “Utilising health coaching, I have seen clients develop skills in goal-setting, become better able to cope with psychological issues, and improve their own well-being, improve physical health through lifestyle changes and go on to employment, education or increased connection within their communities. I have found an increase in clients who are discharged from the service, because they feel they no longer need the input of specialist mental health services any longer.”


A student who works as a manager in the HSE is using her coaching skills to develop her team:

  • “I feel it is important to consider my colleagues from a holistic perspective and to date I have endeavoured to support and encourage my colleagues to reflect on their personal wellbeing by introducing a number of self-awareness exercises to our team meetings.”

A Health & Wellness Coaching student who works in the HSE reflected upon how the course has changed her perspective towards her work:

  • “Since commencing this course, I have come to realise that Health and Wellness Coaching has the potential to provide a life changing support system, to a wide range of service users in our community from pre & existing diabetics, to cardiac and medical patients, to the obese population considering bariatric surgery etc.”
  • “Health coaching is an effective method of supporting lifestyle modifications which can generate long term health outcomes and provide endless possibilities for both quality of life enhancement and health cost saving measures within the HSE. I am very excited at the prospect of being able to use my coaching skills to help as many people as possible”


This programme has NMBI Category 2 approval and therefore allows applicants to apply for funding through the CNME. Applications are now open for September 2020 entry.



Year 1

Module Title

Fundamentals of the Coaching Relationship

Foundations of Health and Wellness Coaching

Coaching for Behaviour Change in Nutrition and Physical Activity













 Year 2 

Module Title

Advanced Theory and Practice of Health and Wellness Coaching

Advanced Nutrition in Health and Wellness Coaching

Coaching Strategies for Psychological Wellbeing




























Contact Details

Dr Helen Mc Gloin
T: 071 – 91 35 610

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